500PX Rolls Out Creative Commons Options for Users

source Popular Photography

500px has rolled out a new feature, finally allowing users to mark their works as Creative Commons, matching functionality that’s been in place on Flickr for years.

This continues to be a controversial topic amongst photographers – that is, whether or not to make your images available to share via Creative Commons or to lock them down and watermark the hell out of them. I tend to agree with Trey Ratcliff on this topic in the sense that I would rather have people sharing my images and attributing their creative propertes back to me. The stealing of images will happen, regardless. Yes – even if you have a flash website. (Please tell me you don’t have a flash website.)

As Trey puts it

Yes, there will be bottom-feeders that steal your stuff. I call this the cost of doing business on the internet. These are the Tic-Tacs that are stolen from the 7–11. It is impossible to maintain 100% of your digital inventory, so wanting “perfection” in your online strategy is an illusion.

I find the more open I am to sharing, the more exposure my images recieve. This exposure increases traffic to the website and can/does lead to sales. If you haven’t figured it out, I am happy with the addition of the new 500px Creative Commons option.