The iPhone 5 as a Point & Shoot Camera?

source Photofocus

Industry giant, and photography superstar, Scott Bourne stamps the iPhone 5, mostly for its camera, with his seal of approval. In his article, he writes that the average consumer will be able to replace their point & shoot with the iPhone 5, but those more advanced may want to keep a dedicated point & shoot around for more “serious” work. He also goes on to say that he would not upgrade from the iPhone 4s to the 5 for the camera alone, but if you’re in the market for a new phone, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone 5.

The new camera also claims better low-light performance. It is in my opinion a full stop better – but some reviewers feel like there may even be a two-stop advantage. Perhaps I am a bit pickier than they are but it’s better for sure.

The iPhone 5 also offers better sharpness and dynamic range than competing phones

The big change is in the software. While there have long been many apps that let you use the iPhone to make panoramas – that capability is built-in. There are more controls over the settings

The trouble is, Scott won’t be using the iPhone 5 for lack of a satisfactory carrier. He says he’s tried AT&T, Verizon and Sprint all to no avail. He is now with T-Mobile and using the Galaxy S3. It’s a shame that we will not get to see some fantastic examples of iPhoneography from Scott Bourne with the iPhone 5 – I would have quite liked that.